Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Fun!

Grandma & Grandpa Macnab and Great Grandma Hewitt sent the kids Valentine's Day gifts in the mail. We tortured the kids by leaving the presents on the kitchen counter for THREE full days before they were allowed to open them. On Valentine's Day morning, we decided that the kids had been tortured long enough, and we let them open their presents before breakfast.

When Brayden opened one of his cards, money fell out (you can see it just laying there on the floor)! I would have thought that as soon as Brayden saw the money, he would have tossed the card aside. However, Brayden was so excited about getting a Kung Fu Panda card that he totally ignored the money!
Sienna, on the other hand, was very excited to get money in her card. She loves money so much that she even tried to swipe Brayden's 10 bucks!

They also got some new aquadoodles!
A few days later, we took the kids to Toys R Us so that they could spend their money. Brayden picked out a Wooden Pizza set and I helped Sienna pick out something fun for all of us...Tinkertoys! Brayden wasn't too excited about the Tinkertoys while we were at the store, but he has played with them almost non-stop since we got them 3 days ago.
Brayden's favorite things to make are "cookies", flowers, and the sun. I just love seeing his little imagination at work!