Thursday, May 07, 2009

Out of This World!

Back in March, we went to a birthday party at Out of This World. I'm always looking for new places to take the kids when it's raining, so I was excited to check it out. If you live near Hillsboro, you have to take your kids there! They had inflatables, a huge play structure, a rock wall, cool little bikes, and tons of other fun stuff to play on. Sienna wanted to do everything Brayden was doing, but unfortunately, she was just a bit too young to keep up with him!

Here's Brayden at the top of the largest inflatable slide...
And here he is squished at the bottom of the slide!

Brayden had fun climbing up the ladder on the smaller inflatable slide...
Sienna tried her hardest to climb the ladder, but never successfully made it to the top. Poor thing!
Here's a slide more Sienna's size!
She spent most of her time going down the fast slide...wheeeeeee!
Brayden tried climbing the rock wall. Chris took this picture while I was off trying to keep Sienna entertained...due to the awkwardness of his footing on the wall, I'm guessing he fell off within seconds of this picture being taken! haha!
Brayden's favorite part was definitely the large play structure. I was happy to be responsible for taking pictures while Chris worked hard getting Sienna through the big structure (Brayden could do it all himself).
Chris and Sienna taking a break to wave to me!
Chris and Brayden at the top of the structure, ready to go down the huge slide!
All 3 of them taking time out to wave to me again!
Sienna went down the big enclosed slide once...and screamed the whole way! I guess she's claustrophobic, just like me!
Sienna went down this slide several times...
Brayden had fun "catching" her at the bottom!
She had the biggest smile on her face every time she went down...
Well, that was until her 100th time down the slide (ok, that's an exaggeration)...all of sudden she was scared and wanted to slide down with Daddy, while she held onto him for dear life! What a silly girl!
The kids had so much fun running around the obstacle course that surrounded the inflatable slide (the one Sienna couldn't climb up the ladder). They must have run through the course at least 20 times!