Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 2009

I'm not sure how it happened, but November is almost over! We haven't done anything too exciting...just a few random pictures to share.

Brayden spends "quiet time" in the office every afternoon, most of which is spent on his HEAD!

Brayden and Sienna are still BEST FRIENDS! They do absolutely EVERYTHING together. He's even been trying to convince me that Sienna doesn't need a nap so they can have "quiet time" together in the office!

I couldn't resist taking this picture of Sienna...her hair and sunglasses are just too funny. After seeing the picture, she reminds me of Michelle Tanner from Full House (the Olsen Twins)!!!
Brayden did have a bit of an accident a few weeks ago. He loves to ask Chris to wrap him up like a "burrito". Chris rolls him up in a big blanket and he usually just lays around trying to get out. For some reason, he ended up on his feet, walking around on the hardwood floor. All of a sudden there was a huge thump and Brayden landed face first on the hardwood floor, with no arms to break his fall. He has never screamed so loud in his life. After we got him calmed down and his nose to stop bleeding, we saw that his lip was HUGE! We moved him to the couch so that we could put ice on his lip and he immediately closed his eyes and became unresponsive! I finally started talking very firmly (almost yelling) to get him to snap out of it. At this point I was pretty scared because he has NEVER acted this way, and he's had 2 other semi-serious facial accidents. A couple of hours later Brayden was starting to act more like himself, so I wasn't as scared to put him to bed. He slept through the night and when he woke up, his lip was much better. In fact, by lunch time, he could eat and drink fairly normally. NO MORE BURRITOS FOR BRAYDEN! ;) An hour after the accident:
(click to enlarge)
48 hours after the accident (click to enlarge):
Chris and the kids made a bat jack-o-lantern the weekend after Halloween. Maybe next year we'll actually find time to make ours BEFORE Halloween!
While Chris and the kids were playing with pumpkins, I was out with Chris' mom (Jeri), sister-in-law (Kari), and Kari's sister. We went to the Woodburn Company Stores "Shopping Extravaganza". After a day of lunch, mimosas and shopping, we headed to Spirit Mountain Casino where I won $100!!! I was beyond excited because I NEVER win anything, which is exactly why I never gamble! What a fabulous day!