Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thanksgiving Week in Bend!

This year we headed to Bend for Thanksgiving...we were so disappointed that the only snow we got to see was in the mountains, unless you count the small patches of snow scattered throughout town.

My parents got my old Cabbage Patch kids out of the attic for Sienna to play with. Unfortunately she wasn't as interested in them as we thought she would be...I think she pushed them around in the stroller for all of 5 minutes.
A month before Thanksgiving, I posted pictures of Sienna's new "big girl bed". As you can see, it was not all that different from her crib since we simply replaced the front with a "toddler rail". Since there is a queen size bed in the room where Sienna sleeps at my parents house, we decided to see if she would sleep in it, instead of the pack 'n play. At first Sienna said that she didn't want to, but she eventually decided to give it a try. And, except for losing her "blankie" in it a couple of times, she slept great!

My parents also got my brother's old space legos out of the garage...Brayden, Chris and Grandpa spent most of their time building space shuttles and other various space vehicles.

Thanksgiving Dinner! We actually got the kids to try one bite of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes & cranberry sauce!!! Of course, we had to bribe them with a pumpkin bar. ;)

Brayden and Sienna had fun decorating Grandma & Grandpa's window with these fun Mickey Mouse decals...along with tons of tiny hand prints!
Brayden reading a book to Sienna:
Sienna getting ready to "help" Daddy do a puzzle. Her way of helping was to open up another puzzle and mix some of the pieces up...whoops!
Chris getting some "quiet" time on the puzzle while the kids watched tv.
The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we headed to Wanoga Snow Park with my parents, my Aunt & Uncle and my cousin and his family. It only took 2 hours to get the kids all bundled up. ;)
Sienna and I decided to watch Chris and Brayden go down first...
Brayden had SO MUCH FUN!
Sienna, on the other hand, was scared to go sledding. And, to be honest, I was scared to! The hill was a huge sheet of ice and every time they went down, they caught air and it didn't look too fun landing on the hard ice! Sienna did let me pull her around for a few minutes in one of the sleds before...
deciding to go sledding with Daddy! However, she didn't like it and that was her first and last trip down the hill!
After awhile, Brayden (4) and Canon (3 1/2) decided to go sledding together. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!
I can't even tell you how many times they sledded down the hill together!
As soon as Brayden got to the bottom of the hill, he couldn't wait to get back to the top and go again!
The last couple of times down the hill, Brayden actually went by himself! I was so proud of him!
I'm pretty sure that the day he went sledding was one of his favorite days, ever!
Brayden and Canon: Canon wiped out on his last time down the hill and ended up with a bloody lip and a scratch on his cheek from the ice. Poor guy!
Grandma & Sienna building with the wedgits.
One of the nights that we were in Bend, the kids were upstairs watching a Veggie Tales movie. They started out sitting so nicely. Then Brayden decided to give Sienna some "brotherly love" and lay on top of her. She eventually made it out from under him and decided to stand a safe distance away from him. ;) Poor Sienna...big brother's are so mean! ;)