Friday, November 06, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

This was by far my favorite Halloween! Not only was this Sienna's first Halloween without a cold, but the weather was amazing!!!

Last year I bought the kids' Halloween costumes a bit too big, so this year we decided to save money and stick with the same costumes. This is probably the last year that I can pull that off...the older they get, the more opinions they have on what they want to wear! Check out how much they have changed in the last year: Halloween 2008. I just love Sienna's short, curly hair...I can't believe how much it has grown over the last year.

Brotherly Love: When trying to get a cute picture of the kids, Brayden grabbed Sienna by the neck! As you can see, Brayden thought it was funny, but Sienna wasn't as happy about it...
After taking what seemed like a gazillion pictures, we ended up with a semi-decent picture of Super Girl & Mr. Incredible!

Before dinner we headed to downtown Canby for a little trick-or-treating fun! Our first stop was Papa Murphy's for free mini-cheese pizzas! Brayden wore his Mr. Incredible mask for all of 30 seconds....
The kids ate the pizzas for dinner, although, they didn't really eat much of you can see, they didn't turn out great. I popped the HUGE air pockets, but the pizzas were never the same again....bummer!
After dinner, my friend Leslie and her family came over to trick-or-treat. Her son, Eli, and Brayden were twins (by accident)! Don't worry, despite Brayden's expression in this picture, he was super excited to go trick-or-treating!
The whole trick-or-treating gang!
Just like last year, the kids did great walking up to the doors by themselves. A few times Sienna stayed at the front door so long that I thought we'd have to go get her!
Sienna was the cutest Super Girl...EVER!
The boys were so excited to get more candy that they kept running off and leaving Sienna behind. Luckily, Sienna wasn't afraid to take off in a sprint to catch up! Although, towards the end of the night she did end up falling 2 or 3 times...she must have gotten tired!
Brayden rang this doorbell about 15 times, despite the fact that I was yelling at him to stop. Lucky for him he still got candy because they gave out FULL SIZE candy bars! In fact, 3 houses in our neighborhood did that. It is very generous, but do the kids really need full size candy bars with all of the candy they collect on Halloween?!?!?
Brayden was so hyped up at the end of the night (he hadn't even had any candy), he started doing funny dances. Sienna just stared at him like he was a bit strange!