Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sick Kiddos

This week the kids have been sick, sick, sick! Wednesday night we took Brayden to the doctor because he was just laying around, crying. I knew he had a high fever, but when the nurse took his temperature and said it was 104, I was shocked! The doctor wasn't sure if he had the flu or not...we just had to keep an eye on him and bring him in if he got worse, or if he still had his fever after 3 days. Luckily his fever finally broke on Thursday! Unfortunately, that is also the day that Sienna woke up sick. UGH!

The kids have been laying around and watching tv all week. Brayden refuses to watch anything but Backyardigans and Sienna will only watch Dora...needless to say, I've OD'ed on cartoons, which I didn't even like when I was a kid!!!