Monday, April 26, 2010

Mollala River State Park

Last Thursday, Sienna and I got to join Brayden's class for a nature walk at Mollala River State Park!

Here's a picture of Brayden's class. I didn't realize that Sienna was in the group picture until I got home and downloaded the pics (and she doesn't look too happy to be smashed in with all those kids)...whoops!
I love this picture, mostly because you can see just how long Sienna's hair has grown...I'm sure if I stopped to watch her hair, I'd actually be able to see it grow! haha!

They had a little race before snack time!

Snack time!


The Elliotts said...

What fun Shel! Sienna's hair is so long. I love when little girls have long hair and are only 3 ft tall! :-)