Monday, April 12, 2010

Random March Fun

We stopped giving Sienna naps because she wasn't going to bed at night. That worked for a couple of weeks, but then she started getting up a gazillion times a night, giving us every excuse in the book as to why she wasn't in bed. We tried going back to afternoon naps, but then she wouldn't stay in bed at bedtime AND she was still getting up a gazillion times a night. So, we went back to no naps. However, she wanted me to hold her during "quiet time" and it never failed that she would fall asleep in my arms. Sienna would be so sound asleep that I could move her to the couch and she wouldn't wake up! Part of me loved snuggling with my baby, but another part of me just wanted some time to myself. I just love to watch my babies sleep...they always look so cute and sweet!

Lately the kids have been pretending to take naps in Brayden's bed...if only they would stay there for more than 5 seconds! This one time Brayden wanted me to take their picture...aren't they cute?!?!?! The kids have only slept in the same room once and it didn't go all that sure would be nice if they really could share a bed when we traveled away from home!
What is it with kids and baskets? When the kids decided to spend most of their day in these 2 baskets, it brought back memories of them when they were babies...both of them loved to climb in the toy baskets and toy box. One of the first pictures I ever took of this was when Brayden was just 11 months old (click to follow the link).

Attack of the kids!
Girls Only Playdate! Avery, Sienna & Maggie Jane...all were born within a month of each other! For Chris' 37th birthday, I decided to surprise Chris with a special "Guinness" cake! They couldn't actually use the word Guinness, or it's logo due to copyright protection, but you still get the idea!
I surprised Chris with the cake at our friends house!
Earlier in the evening, the kids decorated cupcakes to celebrate Daddy's birthday!