Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Painted Nails, Bikes & "Driving"!

While I was painting my toes on Friday, Sienna asked me to paint hers, too! At first Brayden didn't quite understand why I wouldn't paint his toes, but he finally decided to accept the fact that boys don't wear polish!
Sienna finally got a chance to ride her new Dora bike outside!

Brayden and Sienna still love to pretend to drive. As you can see by Brayden's facial expression, he was really getting into his driving!


Catrina said...

Is Sienna totally in love with Dora? OMG, Avery is obsessed. We don't even have cable anymore, so the only time she watches it is when we get a DVD at Blockbuster. She walks around all day quoting Dora. Nice big girl bike!