Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yet another random picture post!

Ever wonder what would happen if you slammed your face into a chair? Brayden thought he'd check it out...turns out you get a lump and a bruise! The bruise appeared as soon as he hit the chair...OUCH!

Brayden & Sienna are becoming best buds...

Sienna is always trying to touch Brayden. To my surprise, Brayden actually likes it!

Rolling Around
Sienna's new favorite spot to hang out is underneath the coffee table!

Brayden always has fun doing flips with Daddy!

Brayden still loves to give Sienna lots of kisses...on the lips!

Brayden likes to take his toys over to the Intellitainer to show Sienna...she is never bored when Brayden's around! I realize just how much work it is to entertain her when Brayden is napping.

First they played with the giraffe...

And then the airplane, which Sienna immediately tried to chew on.


Catrina and Eric said...

Sheesh! That is some booboo! Hope he is doing okay--poor guy. I love the pic of the two of them lying on the floor. Too cute. Pictures from the new camera look great!