Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sienna's 1st visit from Santa!

Every year we take Brayden to sit on Santa's (Grandpa Boley) lap at Parker Furniture. Last year Brayden was a bit scared and Grandma Boley had to distract him with candy canes! Now that Brayden is older, he's figured it out...Grandpa is Santa Claus! Every time he sees santa in a book, he calls him "Grandpa"! When Santa stopped by on Friday to say hi to the kids, Brayden wasn't a bit scared...he even gave him a hug!

Ok, so both of the kids are in their pajamas because 1) Brayden was so hyped up from Thanksgiving the day before and from Grandma & Grandpa Macnab's visit earlier in the day that he wouldn't take a nap and 2) Sienna's teeth were really bothering her and she wouldn't eat or nap! It was a pretty crazy day and I didn't feel like dealing with putting cute little outfits on them. :P

Well, of course since both kids were pretty cranky we couldn't get them to smile at the same time. First Sienna smiled....

About 20 pictures later, Brayden finally smiled...kind of!

Great Grandma Hewitt with Sienna on Friday!