Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Random Picture Post!

Brayden REALLY wanted to hold Sienna last night. Chris was holding Sienna while Brayden was eating dinner and as he walked by Brayden held out his hands to hold her. It was too cute! Brayden was still interested in holding Sienna after dinner and tried to pick her up all by himself!
Sienna looks like she's almost as big as her brother!

Sienna is getting good at rolling over both directions! She can roll all over the room now, which is a little scary because Brayden has quite a few small toys that she probably shouldn't "play with" other words CHEW ON! Sienna has 2 teeth now and chews on everything in site.
Sienna rolled from her play gym all the way over to where Brayden had left some of his "choo choo" trains!