Monday, November 12, 2007

The Portland Children's Museum

Since Chris had the day off from work, we took the kids to the children's museum. About 10 minutes after we arrived the storm knocked out the power. There was still enough light from the emergency generators that they didn't close, but they did close Brayden's favorite area, the WATER ROOM! Apparently the emergency generators don't keep the water pumping. Luckily we started off in that room so we did get a few minutes in there to play. The museum was extremely busy and it wasn't nearly as much fun with the water room off limits. Luckily we get to come back again for free!


THE BIG BLUE TUNNEL: Brayden doesn't usually like to play in tunnels with other kids. At Gymboree he gets pretty scared if another child starts crawling through the tunnel with him (he definitely doesn't like his personal space to be invaded). However, today he played in the tunnel at the museum with all of the other kids! YEA!

THE MAGNET ROOM: Brayden absolutely loves to play with magnets! Every time we go to someone's house that has magnets on their refrigerator, he is instantly drawn to them and will spend the entire time playing in the kitchen.