Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas 2007

Can it really be 2008 already? The last 6 months have gone by in the blink of an eye! For the first time in what seems like forever, we spent Christmas with my family in Bend. We were there for 7 wonderful snow filled days! Well, my family probably didn't think it was so "wonderful" because apparently we still had the stomach bug and we managed to share it with all of them. What a Christmas to remember!

Lots and Lots of Toys!!!
Let me just start by saying that our house has been taken over by TOYS! Apparently we need to buy a bigger house so the toys can have their own room. After taking 2 very large boxes of toys out to the garage, our living room is still overflowing with toys!

Brayden got a t-ball set and after only a couple of practice swings he quickly became a pro! I still can't believe that Grandma & Grandpa Macnab let him hit the ball in the house!

Brayden also got a pretty cool 4 Wheeler for Christmas. Unfortunately it had to stay in Bend because there was absolutely no room for it in the MDX!

One of Brayden's favorite toys was an art easel. He loved to draw with the chalk and markers!
Brayden and Sienna had fun playing with their Christmas presents on Christmas morning.

Opening Christmas Presents
After having to practically force Brayden to open his birthday presents 2 months ago (I think I ended up opening most of them), I was pretty sure that he wasn't going to open that many of his Christmas presents. I couldn't have been more wrong! Not only did Brayden open his own presents, but at Grandma and Grandpa Boley's house he also opened all of my presents, Daddy's presents AND Sienna's presents!!!

One of Brayden's favorite presents was a garbage truck! He is obsessed with the trucks that come and get our garbage. As soon as he hears them driving by the house we have to run to the front door so he can watch them pick up the garbage!

Even Sienna did a pretty good job of opening her own presents!

She actually managed to tear off some wrapping paper to chew on...whoops!

Looks like Sienna's going to love books just like her brother!

The Christmas Tree
I really, really wanted to get a good picture of the kids together under the tree this year. Unfortunately Brayden had a different idea...for some some reason Brayden will NOT smile for the camera anymore. He used to love having his picture taken and would actually throw a temper tantrum if I DIDN'T take his picture!

While Sienna was smiling pretty for the camera...

Brayden was busy playing with Grandma and Grandpa's choo choo train!

As I mentioned earlier, we got what we considered to be quite a bit of snow while we were in Bend...about 4 inches! hehe! If it would have snowed 4 inches when I was living in Bend I would have been like "what snow???"! However, now that I live in the the valley I think 4 inches is a crazy amount of snow! Although, after going outside in my pajamas to take pictures, I decided that it was much more fun to watch the snow from inside the house!

Brayden had fun helping Grandpa shovel the sidewalk.
Grandpa even taught Brayden how to make a snowball!
And then Grandpa took Brayden for a walk in the snow!


Catrina and Eric said...

How nice to have a white Christmas! I think the picture of the kiddos under the Christmas tree is adorable! Miss you guys. Can't wait to hang out when we get back.