Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Thursday morning we headed to OMSI with my friend, Catrina, and her 2 kiddos, Wyatt & Avery. The last time we went to OMSI Brayden was only 1 1/2 years old (one month before Sienna was born). What a difference one year makes! Luckily Sienna still likes to hang out in the backpack...I'm not sure what I'll do once she wants to run around, too! For the second time in a row, I forgot my camera...luckily Catrina came prepared. Thanks for the pictures, Catrina!

Brayden had fun using the magnifying glass to look at animal bones. Well, he actually had more fun squishing the magnifying glass against his face.
Brayden & Wyatt rescued wild animals...
Brayden had fun playing with a random boy and his mom in the sand pit...
Brayden joined Wyatt in a little "flubber" fun...
He even hung out with Sienna and me for a second or two!
Brayden found one of his favorite "toys"...a tape measure.Have I mentioned Brayden's love of magnets? Magnets don't work on our refrigerator so whenever we go to someone's house with magnets, he's glued to their refrigerator. OMSI has a cool magnetic board but unfortunately most of the animals are too heavy and slide to the bottom. Brayden had fun putting the animals in the sky and watching as they slid to the bottom!
Sienna was a trooper hanging out in the backpack for almost 2 hours. But by the time we were ready to leave, she was definitely ready for a nap!
As we were walking to the car, Brayden and Wyatt held hands... too cute!