Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A fun trip to the water park!

I am so excited about all of the warm weather we've had...we've had non-stop fun for the last week and a half! Yesterday the kids and I went to a water park in West Linn with Grandma Boley, Aunt Kari, and cousins Brian and Jack. We had lots of fun playing in the ice cold water (brrrr!) and on the playgrounds, followed by a picnic lunch. Unfortunately my camera battery died not too long after we arrived so I didn't get too many pictures.

It really is amazing how long it takes to get little ones ready for a short trip to the water park. Between lunches, sunscreen, swimming suits, swim diapers, regular diapers, dry clothes, sippy cups, towels, floatation devices, etc, it took me all morning to get everything packed and organized. I packed so much stuff that I could barely carry it all! Once we arrived at the park, we had to unload the car, blow up all of the floatation devices (well, I didn't...I can barely blow up a balloon!) and put on sunscreen. It seriously is quite a production to get prepared for a couple of hours in the water!
I didn't expect the water to be warm, but I really didn't expect it to be quite so cold. It seriously felt like I was walking in ice water. Grandma & Brayden didn't seem to mind the frozen water too much, but poor Sienna wasn't too excited about freezing her feet off. Notice her leg trying to get back up onto the sidewalk!
A few minutes later Sienna had some fun splashing in the water with Grandma! Sienna didn't spend too much time in the water but she did have fun walking around the perimeter of the pool.
Grandma and Brayden had a lot of fun walking around in the cold water while I hung out with Sienna in the nice warm sun!

Grandma brought a beach ball that Brayden had fun throwing around in the water!
Brian and Jack hanging out on their rafts...they didn't seem to mind the cold water, either! Apparently kids (& Grandma's) are much tougher than I am! Although, I don't remember Kari going into the water, either!

I thought this was such a nice water park because unlike the water park in Wilsonville that we went to last year, this one has no scary concrete blocks to climb up and jump off of (or fall off of). And, the playground is much nicer. However, the water was a little deeper than I would have liked for Brayden. At one point when I was walking around with him in the water (towards the center of the pool where the water is deeper) he fell face first into the water! The scariest part was that he didn't even try to get his head out of the water...I had to pull him up by his life jacket! Luckily he must not have swallowed or breathed any water because he didn't even cough once he was above water...he only cried. Shortly after that incident, Brayden stuck mostly to the playground. Apparently I need to get him into some swim lessons!


Catrina said...

Wow...I am just getting a mental image of Brayden falling face first into the water and not trying to save himself. Since he's okay, I can't help but laugh. But I know if it happened to Wyatt, I'd be a little freaked out! Glad you guys had a great time. Sienna's suit looks so cute on her!