Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Yogurt Incident, Brayden's Nose, & The Zoo (again!)

The Yogurt Incident
You might assume that sweet little Sienna was the one to splatter yogurt all over the table (& floor) since Brayden is 2 1/2 years old and should know better. But, you would be wrong! One minute Brayden's eating yogurt and the next minute he's flinging it everywhere with his spoon. Lucky for me I was putting laundry away when the "yogurt incident" occurred, so I wasn't the one who had to clean it up! Brayden's Nose - 48 hours after the accident
The bruise is a little darker today and his nose is still very swollen. :(The Zoo - Our 3rd trip in 8 days!!!
We sure are getting our money's worth out of our new Zoo membership. Today Chris had the day off so we decided to take him to the Zoo. Brayden was really excited to go back to see the well as the pictures and telescopes. This time I pushed Sienna in the umbrella stroller while Chris chased after Brayden. I was actually able to enjoy the zoo and since I wasn't busy chasing after Brayden, I was able to take quite a few pictures!

Chris & Brayden getting ready to head into the zoo! When we went to the zoo yesterday, Brayden was very excited to read the map. In fact, when Chris put Brayden to bed last night, all Brayden wanted to do was read the map and figure out which animals he wanted to see today! Today we picked up a new map and right away, Brayden wanted to figure out exactly where we were going to go first. The first animal Brayden wanted to see were the zebras. Along the way we were able to see quite a few things that we hadn't seen before...the first being a sea lion! WOW...he was absolutely gigantic! The best part about the zoo is that it is so big, you can see different animals each time you visit.
You would think that Brayden's favorite part of the zoo would be seeing all of the cool animals. That's just not the case...his favorite parts are the books with pictures and the telescopes (you'll see a picture of one of those later). Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that he has always loved books and pictures. It just becomes a little annoying (& embarrassing) when you have to drag him away from a book, kicking and screaming, in order to see the next animal exhibit! Here he is having fun with the book about bats...
And then came the book about birds! This was also our first time in the tropical rainforest. We were able to see a crocodile...
And a nile monitor! I'm pretty sure there were several other animals in there but it was so hot and humid in the room that the camera lens started fogging up! So Sienna and I hightailed it out of there, leaving the boys behind. Next we got to see the meerkats. It was actually kind of cool because Brayden just happened to be wearing his meerkat shirt today!
If Brayden had to pick out his favorite animals at the zoo, it would definitely be the giraffe and the zebras. Yesterday it was 11:45am when I told Brayden that we had to leave and he threw a temper tantrum until I agreed that we could see the zebras and the giraffe on the way out. Of course today he threw a temper tantrum that he didn't get to see the swimming turtles! I guess you just can't win with a 2 1/2 year old.
As I mentioned earlier, telescopes are one of Brayden's favorite things to play with at the zoo. We've never put money in so I'm not really sure what he is looking at, but it's another one of those things that require us to pick him up, kicking and screaming, in order to move along.
Yet another stop to look at that map!
Finally we got to the zebras! It really is amazing how much there is to see at the zoo! Our next stop was to see the elephants!
On our way out, the kids stopped for a picture with daddy.
To keep Brayden from throwing another fit, we agreed to let him see one more animal...the VERY SMELLY penguins! Sheesh, I could hardly breathe in that room.
Our plan was to leave after the penguins but Brayden was having none of it. So, we ended up at the polar bears where he found yet another book type thing to play with. And that concludes our 3rd and final least for a couple of weeks! But, I promise I won't post any more zoo pictures! ha!


G said...

LOL, the yogurt picture is awesome. The best part about it is I can totally picture how batty it musta made you knowing that you didn't have a clean table, or clean WALLS!!! too funny