Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Macnab Family Reunion

We just got back from 5 fun filled days at my parents house in Bend. This was our 5th trip since Sienna was born and the 4th trip that both kids were sick while we were visiting! Except for the multiple boxes of kleenex that we went through, you'd never even know that the kids were sick. Not only was Sienna sick, but her 11th tooth (a top molar) broke through over the weekend! I took a mini-vacation from picture taking during this visit...I think that I was too busy wiping noses! But every once in awhile I just couldn't resist grabbing the camera and capturing the moment. Enjoy!

Our first full day in Bend (Saturday) was spent at a park in Sunriver at the Macnab Family Reunion. Brayden had fun throwing rocks in the lake while Sienna just walked around...that was until she did a face plant on the bike path! After she fell, we decided to hold her to keep her out of any more trouble. Luckily she was super tired (she didn't get a nap) so she really didn't mind being held for 2 hours. Under normal circumstances we are lucky if she'll let us hold her for more than 2 minutes!

While we were at the park, I caught Chris and Brayden sitting on the bench looking out at the water.

The next day everyone came over to my parents house for brunch before heading home. Brayden attached himself to my cousin Alex and before I knew it, he was asking to sit on his lap and read books. I'm not too sure that Alex's 18 month old son, Cole, was very excited about sharing his daddy, though!
We were lucky enough to stay another 3 days after the family reunion ended. We went to the park several times, went back to the High Desert Museum, went on a walk and played outside a addition to lots of relaxing! However, we always start the morning the same: wake up, drink lots of coffee (tea for Chris), read the paper, play outside, etc. Sienna usually skips the coffee and goes straight for the newspaper. ;) I couldn't decide which picture was cutest so I just decided to post them both.

Once again the fountain was the favorite spot for the kids. Brayden still loves the fishing pole that Grandma & Grandpa bought for him to play with the last time we visited. This time Grandma & Grandpa bought the kids cute CARS and Winnie the Pooh chairs. Brayden came up with the great idea to sit on it while he was "fishing" in the fountain.
Sienna didn't really care where the chair was...she just wanted to sit on it! Unfortunately the chairs weren't very stable and she took a tumble while climbing up to sit on it the first day that we were there. Somehow she managed to get her head stuck in the hole of the arm as she fell. Grandpa was there to rescue her but it took him awhile to get her head out, which of course Sienna wasn't too happy about. You would think that after a somewhat traumatic incident that she would have stayed cleared of the chairs...but she continued to sit on them all weekend long!
More fun in the fountain!
A couple of days before we left for Bend, both Brayden AND Sienna were having so much fun doing their happy dances together that I just couldn't resist capturing the moment!


Catrina said...

Hey...Avery has those jammies! Big surprise, eh? Great pictures!!! Glad you guys had a great time. Glad to have you back though. :-)

Catrina said...

I forgot to mention how much I love the newspaper pic. It's never too early to start on current events!