Friday, August 08, 2008

Kruger's Farm

This morning the kids and I headed out bright and early to Kruger's Farm on Sauvie Island to pick blueberries! I can't remember the last time that I picked my own berries. I'm pretty sure that I did at least once as a kid! We didn't really go for the berries, though...we went to play and have fun with our friends! Actually, we crashed Catrina's playgroup. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't our first time! ha! Thanks for inviting us, Catrina!!!! I'm not sure what is going on with the boys, but they are W-I-L-D these days! Holy cow! As soon as they saw each other in the parking lot, they started running all over the place and being all crazy.
On the way to the blueberry bushes the boys held hands. cute!
Between Catrina's pictures and my pictures, I just couldn't decide which pictures to post, so I'm posting them all! Here are the boys holding hands again...
They are SO excited to get to that tractor!!!
After our short visit with the tractor, we ran across a rooster! The boys were actually more interested in the rooster than the tractor...crazy!

As soon as we got to the blueberry bushes, Brayden started picking blueberries. I was in shock! I had told Brayden that we were going to pick blueberries, but I guess I didn't realize that he actually knew what that meant! haha! Brayden was even telling me which bushes to pick the berries from! He picked blueberries all by himself for quite awhile (I was chatting, as usual) before he decided that it would be more fun to play with Wyatt.

Eventually Brayden and Wyatt had fun picking berries together. Who knows what they were laughing at!
And then they found the wagon and the blueberries were history!

On the way out we saw some stinky pigs taking a snooze!
Brayden had so much fun that I had to strip him from the waist down before I let him get into the car!!! For those of you who don't think that his clothes look that muddy and are wondering why I made him take off his jeans, socks & shoes and ride home in just a diaper....well, then you just don't know me as well as you think you do! I really was proud of myself today...I let him play in the dirt and I only yelled at him when he started throwing mud into the air! Needless to say I washed his clothes the moment we walked in the door. However, I'm contemplating throwing away the shoes...that seems much easier than cleaning them. haha! JUST KIDDING! Maybe tomorrow I'll have enough energy to tackle the shoes!
What a fun morning! I can't wait to take the kids berry picking again next year. That's right...Sienna was there today, but she was unlucky enough to be glued to my back in the ergo carrier for the entire 2 hours! Fortunately for me she didn't protest at fact, I don't think that she made a single peep!