Monday, August 04, 2008

Random Post Monday!

Has it really been a week since I posted new pictures? Last week was so busy that I didn't have a chance to take many pictures. Our fun activities included: Play Boutique on Monday, Gymboree on Tuesday, playdate with a friend on Wednesday, Family Music at Gymboree on Thursday and a 3 1/2 mile walk on Friday!

Gymboree Family Music
Thursday was our first time at the family music class at Gymboree. Catrina and I both wanted to check it out since the girls are getting too old to keep in the backpacks while the boys have all of the fun. The family gym class sounds a bit too overwhelming for me (how am I supposed to keep 2 crazy kids safe who head in completely opposite directions???). So, we decided to check out the music class. Of course I didn't take any pictures but Catrina was nice enough to snap a few of the kids. Here they are at the end of class getting their gymbo music stamps.
After class Brayden and Wyatt decided to sit down and read some books together. I wish they always played so quietly! haha!
New Books & Puzzles
Grandma Boley came over to babysit on Friday night and brought the kids a new puzzle and books! Well, they were new to the kids, but came from a sale they were having at the library. Brayden mastered the puzzle in less than 10 seconds but they both still love reading all of the books. Daddy's Girl
The older Sienna gets, the more apparent it is that she really is gonna be a Daddy's Girl. I tell ya, when Chris is home she is glued to him. If I try to hold her, she just snuggles in closer to Chris. Of course, when Chris isn't home she's all about mommy! So much sometimes that I can't get anything done because she wants to be held so much. I try to be patient and hold her as much as I can because I remember how much I wished Brayden had been a cuddler at this age!
Fun in the Park
On Saturday we met Grandma Boley and our nephew, Brian, at the Fun In The Park festivities in Wilsonville. We had taken the kids last year (Sienna was only 1 1/2 months old!!!) and we thought that Brayden would have even more fun this year. Even though both kids were still a little too young to enjoy most of the games and activities, Brayden did have fun fishing, throwing bean bags, balls and sliding on the big inflatable slides!

Our first stop was the swimming pool filled with fish, turtles and other random sea creatures! I'm pretty sure that Brayden ended up catching a turtle. Both Brayden and Sienna got these cool blow-up footballs with rubber spikes all over them for their prize. Brayden has been playing with them non-stop since we got them. I'll have to take a movie of Brayden "playing catch"! Of course we couldn't walk by the playground without at least one trip down the slide!
Brayden made himself right at home at this cute little table...
Brayden took a break from Play-Doh for a few months, but all of a sudden it's his new favorite thing to do! He asks to play with Play-Doh morning, noon & night! The best part is that he is actually old enough to play with it himself. He loves rolling it out... And using the shape cutters to make shapes!
Yesterday Sienna colored for the first time! I thought she might enjoy coloring with crayons now that she's shown some interest in the aquadoodles and doodle pads. I was right...she had tons of fun scribbling with the crayons. We only had to tell her not to eat the crayons a handful of times. haha!

Unfortunately none of Sienna's "scribbles" were visible in the previous is an up close picture of her first masterpiece!
Brayden and I had fun drawing the hearts together but he did all of the coloring!


Catrina said...

A real Picaso, that one. Her hair looks very cute too, with all of its "flippy's".

Catrina said...

I meant, Picasso--two s's. :-)

Joce said...

What a fun and busy week. Sounds like the kids got to do a lot of fun things and I"m sure it was nice to keep them sooooo busy. Hope you're enjoying your summer. Can you believe MOMS starts in about a month? Crazy~I'm missing every though and can't wait. Love the updates.