Thursday, August 07, 2008

Random Post Thursday!

Both kids love Legos so much that we had to buy another bucket as well as another Lego mat. I wasn't sure this would solve our problem since they usually want whatever the other one has, even if it is the exact same thing. Luckily my plan worked great! Now they rarely fight...over Legos, anyways! ;)
When Grandma & Grandpa Macnab came to watch the kids while Chris and I went away for our 6th anniversary, they brought a cool book with them that you draw on with a dry erase marker. Brayden did so good that we bought him a couple of the books from Costco to have at our house. Last night he traced lots of things and even did a maze all by himself! Here is a picture of the bicycle that he traced. He really did trace the whole thing all by himself...I was in the kitchen the WHOLE time! Well, except for when he told me that he had finished the bicycle and I came in to take his picture. ;) I was very impressed by his tracing skills!Family Gymboree
Today was Sienna's 2nd time at Family Gym. Her first visit was when she was 9 months old and the only things that interested her were the windows and the electrical outlets! Now that we've switched to Family Music, we have 1 month to complete all of Brayden's make-ups. Since we only have a few make-ups, we plan to go to the Family Gym class that just happens to start 5 minutes after Family Music is over! Unfortunately by the end of 2 classes I'm completely exhausted. Family Gym is especially exhausting because Sienna needs constant supervision. There are just too many things she can trip on, fall off of and run into. Unfortunately my flash didn't go off for most of the pictures so some of them are pretty blurry. :(

Sienna spent the first half of class making baskets and moving the balls from one to bucket to the other.
Brayden and Wyatt ran around like wild boys today! They are usually pretty crazy but they were really crazy today! Brayden actually took time out to for a picture!
Sienna carried around a ball wherever she went!
Brayden's favorite thing to do at Gymboree is JUMP!!! (darn flash!!!)
Sienna had fun climbing... Sienna also had fun crawling back and forth through this tunnel.

Brayden decided to join in the fun and chase Sienna!
Sienna caught on quick and decided to head somewhere safe!
Of course, I think that she was safer on the ground!!! Next Sienna decided to crawl through this crazy tunnel...
And proceeded to fall out face first before rolling over onto her back. Luckily she's a tough girl!
Sienna loved rocking but I was a little scared to get too far away to take her picture. It was a long way for her to fall onto a hard floor and I just wasn't willing to risk it for a better shot! ;)
Sienna ended her gym time by jumping on the trampoline!
It is hard for me to believe that Brayden was only a month older than Sienna is when he started Gymboree. WOW! It is so much fun to compare the things that Sienna did today to what Brayden was like when he first started. Brayden was so shy! It took him almost a year before he wouldn't run away when another kid got within 3 feet of him! Sienna on the other hand has no fear of other kids...even when she should be scared. Brayden wouldn't go through a tunnel for the first few months and Sienna went right in today. Brayden tripped over all of the mats for at least the first month or two. I don't think that Sienna tripped more than once. It is too funny how absolutely different siblings can be!


Catrina said...

I love how Sienna sticks her tongue out when she's concentrating on a task. Very cute! Great pictures. Maybe THAT's why you were so exhausted! Ha!