Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Post Friday!

Once again I've been a slacker and haven't posted any pictures for a whole week! I've been taking a lot of random pictures this week, but none of them were so exciting that I felt compelled to sit in front of the computer to post them. ;) It is a wonder that I survived sitting at a computer all day for over 8 years before I became a stay-at-home mom!

The Mohawk
After sudsing up Sienna's hair, Chris decided to have a little fun with it. Her hair is the perfect length for a mohawk! I'm not so sure that it's her best look...but, it was pretty funny! I just found a picture of Brayden sporting a mohawk at 11 months...he didn't have quite as much hair, though! Check it out here.
Both Brayden and Sienna love to take baths and always have fun splashing water everywhere. Sienna loves the bath so much that she actually becomes hysterical when it is time to get out!
Lately we've been letting Sienna draw with crayons and chalk on the easel. She loves it so much that we can't let Brayden use the easel while she is eating or she'll refuse to eat just so she can get out and draw, too. Reading
Brayden and Sienna have been reading a lot of books together. Of course, as soon as Sienna tries to actually touch the book, Brayden starts yelling at her and pushes her away. Brothers!!! ;)Music Class
I tried to snap a few pictures of the kids at music class this week but everyone was moving so fast that none of them really turned out. Here are a couple of Brayden and Sienna "playing drums" with paint brushes!

Walks, Walks, & More Walks
Lately I've been taking the kids on walks when they wake up from their naps in the afternoon. I'm not sure why, but I get really bored waiting for Chris to get home. Getting out for for a nice walk re-energizes me and by the time we get back, Chris is usually home. Amazingly enough we even managed to motivate ourselves to take a walk last weekend!
Hanging out with Daddy
The kids are always all over Chris as soon as he walks in the door from work. They miss him so much when he's gone!
"I said FREEZE!"
If you have ever seen the movie The Incredibles, you might just recognize that line. A few weeks ago Brayden started building guns with his Lego's and yelling "I said FREEZE!". I was in complete shock and had no idea where he had learned that from. As it turns out, he learned it from the movie The Incredibles. I had never even thought twice about letting him watch Disney movies in the car (that is his reward if he is a good listener when we are out every morning). Now I'm having second thoughts!
Brayden is still having fun drawing in his new books. He's been drawing so much that one pen has already ran out of ink...good thing we bought 2 books and have 2 pens! I am constantly amazed at how long he'll sit at the table. Just this morning he sat at the table for over an hour before I told him that we had to go run errands. Even after an hour he STILL didn't want to stop drawing!
Brayden is getting better and better at tracing the lines!
And he loves drawing circles in the book, too!


Catrina said...

Holy cow. I cannot get over how long Brayden will sit still and concentrate on a task!! That's awesome!

The Elliotts said...

You guys look like you're having a great summer! The kiddos are growing up fast! Have a great weekend!


Joce said...

Wow!! Brayden is great at drawing and tracing. Elijah's quite a bit older and can't trace that well~of course, he doesn't practice AT ALL. Great job momma!!!