Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday didn't go quite as planned. Sienna woke up with a nasty cold which pretty much ruined all of our Halloween plans. :( Since the kids are really too young too know what they would be missing, we decided that it wasn't worth taking Sienna out in the cold if it would make her worse. Not to mention that last year Brayden had just as much fun seeing all of the kids' costumes that came to our house. Once Grandma Boley came over to see the kids, our plans changed yet once again. Luckily for the kids, she talked us into taking the kids trick-or-treating at a few of the neighbors houses. I'm so glad that she did because it was Sienna's first time trick-or-treating and she loved it! If you are interested, you can check out Halloween pictures from last year here.

The Costumes
Brayden was Mr. Incredible and Sienna was Supergirl! Once again, it was impossible to get a picture with both kids posing (nicely) for the camera!
Ok, so Sienna's costume is a bit big...I had no idea what size to order since she wears mostly 2T clothes. Her costume is a size 2/4 so don't be surprised when you see her wearing it again next year! ;)

Brayden making his "muscle man arms"!
More muscle man arms...such a funny guy!
Here they are...ready to get some candy (that they most likely won't be eating)!
Sienna was having so much fun that she was smiling from ear to ear!
Brayden did a great job ringing doorbells!
Sienna wasn't shy at all...she stood front and center, waiting for the door to open so she could get her candy!
Piggyback Rides
After trick-or-treating, we headed home to eat dinner. Last year I don't think we gave Brayden any of his candy, but, this year they both had a few peanut M&M's and a few bites of a Nestle Crunch bar. Of course they hate real food but love candy! After dinner, Brayden treated Sienna to a piggyback ride!
Grandma & Grandpa Macnab gave us a bird feeder for Mother's Day/Father's Day. As it turns out all it's feeding these days are the squirrels! The squirrels aren't supposed to be able to get to the bird feeder when it's on this stand, but yesterday the squirrels got a little creative...they must have dropped onto the feeder from the cherry tree that is directly above it! Guess we'll have to move the feeder before putting more bird seed in it!


Catrina said...

I LOVE Mr. B's muscles!! Very cute! I'm glad you guys were able to get out, even just for a little bit. Hopefully everyone is feeling better today. Oh...and the baffles work really well for keeping squirrels off the feeders. We have a couple in our yard and it's the only thing we've found to keep the squirrels away!! :-)