Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It's all about Sienna!

These pictures were taken almost 3 months ago...that's how far behind I am in posting pictures!!! For those of you who have seen Sienna recently, you will know that her hair has almost doubled in length since these pictures were taken!!!

Have I ever mentioned how much Sienna LOVES books? She loves to sit on the couch and read books herself! During our last trip to Bend, she spent most of her time in the living room, all by herself, reading out loud. It is so funny to hear the words that she makes up while reading!

Since we have a video monitor, we get to see all of the funny positions that the kids sleep in. One day I was able to snap a few pictures of Sienna before she woke up from her nap. This isn't one of her funnier positions, but it made me laugh because her leg was in such an awkward position.
Sienna loves to wear the dress that Aunt Kari and Uncle Rich gave her for her birthday. I've never thought of Sienna as being especially "girly", but lately she has been starting to care more about what she wears...she loves to wear anything pink, purple, or anything with a princess on it!
She loves to twirl!
Sienna attempted to tell Stella (one of our crazy cats) to go somewhere (no idea where). Maybe we need a dog for the kids to play with...the cats definitely don't follow instructions!


Chris Boley said...

Super cute pictures of Sienna - nice work! :)

Catrina said...

Such a cute little dress. You're right about her hair. She's like a little chia-pet!