Friday, September 11, 2009

Sauvie Island Farms

Back in August, we went to Sauvie Island Farms for our 2nd annual berry picking trip! Last year we went to Kruger's Farm, which was fun, but it just doesn't compare to Sauvie Island Farms! Sauvie Island has tons of space for the kids to run around, as well as tractor rides and different types of flowers, fruits & vegetables available for picking. Of course, we don't really go for the berries, we go for the whole berry picking experience!

Despite Sienna's "terrible two's" attitude (just check out the look on her face!), we had a great time!
Beautiful Sauvie Island Farms

Brayden and Wyatt had a blast running up and down the long dirt road.
They loved being able to run wild, and we loved being able to keep an eye on them!
Brayden & Wyatt pretending to be scary monsters!
The boys looked like they were having so much fun that Avery decided to join in!
Off they go...again!
"Wait for me!" Sienna finally decided to join in the fun!
After we had walked for what seemed like miles, we finally made it to the blueberry bushes...just in time for the tractor to drive by. Despite the fact that we still hadn't started picking berries, we knew the kids would love a ride, so we hopped on board!
Brayden looked so grown up hanging out by himself in the back of the trailer!
Our tractor ride ended at the entrance to the farm. Since the kids had already spent most of the morning running around, we decided to grab a couple of wagons to haul the kids around in. After all, we hadn't even started picking berries yet!
It was so much more work pulling the wagon than I thought it would be! The wagon weighed a ton to begin with, and after adding a couple of kids that weigh 80+ pounds (I pulled Brayden and Wyatt back to the blueberries), it was quite the workout! But, we finally made it.
Brayden and Sienna did a great job picking blueberries! This was Sienna's first time picking berries...last year she was stuck in the backpack!

Even though we weren't supposed to eat the berries before we paid for them, Sienna did sample one or two of them!

We had so much fun that I can't wait for our 3rd annual berry picking trip!


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