Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our 2nd Mini-Vacation!

A little over a month ago, we headed to Bend for our second mini-vacation. Once again, the weather was hot, hot, hot!

This is our favorite outside spot at my parents house. The chairs are super comfy, it's in the shade most of the day, and the kids entertain themselves shooting rockets into the yard.
The kids even had a few picnic lunches/dinners on the patio.

My mom baked a cake for my 33rd birthday and let the kids decorate it. Sienna got a little excited about using the icing and stuck the whole tip right into the cake!
After the icing was all gone, they moved onto the sprinkles.
I just love this picture of the kids brushing their hands off over the cake! Maybe we should have washed their hands before we let them decorate the cake!
Here is their masterpiece (click to enlarge)!
Luckily, I help blowing my 6 candles out!
The day after my birthday, we headed to Elk Lake for more kayaking.
Grandpa worked really hard pumping up the inflatable kayak, while we sat around and watched. ;)
Brayden supervised Grandpa from the back of their car.
Last time we went kayaking at Sparks Lake, Brayden was really sad that he didn't get to go for a ride. This time we rented life jackets for the kids so they could come with us. Of course, as soon as we got there, Brayden changed his mind and didn't want to get in the kayak. Sienna got right in and we took her for a spin.

Sienna wasn't too sure about the kayak once we got away from the shore and wanted to head back. As you can see, she switched spots in the kayak while we were in the middle of the lake because she wanted to sit closer to me, which made paddling extremely difficult!
Brayden and Grandpa watched us from the platform. Brayden entertained himself looking through binoculars.
When we returned, we were finally able to talk Brayden into at least sitting in the kayak. Have I ever mentioned how much our kids HATE water? Brayden didn't want to get in because he thought he was going to get wet. After a few minutes of sitting in the kayak, he decided he wasn't getting wet, and we were able to talk him into going for a little ride.
And we're off! Brayden had a great time using the binoculars to look at all of the scenery.
While we were in Bend, my parents rented a surrey for us to ride around the park.
The kids sat in the very front and kept yelling for us to go faster!

The view along the bike path!
Dancing with Grandma!
As soon as Sienna saw the camera, Sienna decided to be shy and cover her face with her slippers!


Catrina said...

Why don't you just have Brayden and Sienna make B's birthday cake?!?! That was some masterpiece. It looked very gooey-licious!