Sunday, September 13, 2009

Movies, Hiding Spots, Bikes & More!

Regal Cinema's Family Film Festival
Last month we met a couple of friends at Bridgeport Village for Regal's Family Film Festival. This was Brayden's 2nd movie (Chris took him to see the movie "UP" a month or so before this) and Sienna's 1st movie. And, it was my very first movie with the kids! I knew Brayden would do great...he's the typical boy when it comes to tv/movies. You practically have to get right in his face and yell at the top of your lungs to break his trance from the screen. On the other hand, Sienna doesn't watch much tv at home or in the car, so I wasn't sure she was going to sit still for an entire movie. Fully expecting to have to supply Sienna with additional forms of entertainment during the movie, I brought all of her favorite snacks: M&Ms, granola bars & fishy crackers!

We had to get there fairly early in order to save enough seats for the whole group...11 seats in all (those free movies get pretty busy). So, by the time the movie started, I was already exhausted! 30 minutes into the movie (with one full hour remaining), I didn't think there was any way that Sienna would still be sitting quietly in her seat when the movie finished. Don't get me wrong, Sienna was actually doing great, much better than I had anticipated. However, I was worn out from feeding her different snacks (she has a very small attention span and after a few bites of something, she'd want to switch to a different snack). But, to my surprise, she was still sitting quietly 30 minutes later. At this point she actually started to sing. What was she singing? I have no idea. haha! I kept asking her to whisper because other people were trying to watch the movie. As you probably have already guessed, she wasn't going to listen to me. ;) Although, I didn't feel too bad because there were tons of other noisy kids in the theater...and, it wasn't like anyone had actually paid to see the movie! She eventually got tired of singing and decided to sit on my lap for the last 15 minutes. Did I mention that Brayden didn't make one peep during the whole movie!?!?! I thought for sure when he had finished his M&Ms, he'd ask me for some more snacks. But, to my surprise, he never took his eyes off the screen. Maybe it was because he was sitting 4 seats down from me and figured I was too far away to ask for more food? I was amazed, and a little bit proud that he was the only one who stayed sitting and quiet during the entire movie! He's the best little movie-goer ever! The real kicker was after the movie when I asked him how he liked it (Everyone's Hero)...he said it was boring! LOL! All in all, it was a great first experience to the Regal Family Film Festival and I can't wait to go several times next summer!!!!

Sienna sitting in her booster seat before the movie cute is she?!?!?!
Most of the gang: Michael, Lucas, Anne, Brayden & Taylor

The Best Spot In the House!
Somehow the kids decided that the our hall closet (aka the storage room) was a good spot to play. The would spend hours each day playing by themselves in the closet! It was almost like having the house to was so quiet when they were in the closet!!! Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks, they got tired of playing in the closet are now back to causing chaos in the rest of the house.
Brayden's New Gear
Right after Brayden got his new bike, we were in Bend for a week (without his bike) and when we returned, he was scared to ride his new bike! In hopes of helping him overcome his fear, we bought him gloves and elbow & knee pads so if he did fall, he wouldn't get all scraped up. The new gear helped a lot (he no longer wanted us to hold his elbow while he rode the bike), but he's still scared to go too fast. I guess I should just be thankful that he isn't a big daredevil like so many of his friends are!
Where's Brayden?
Brayden loves to hide...his newest hiding spot is in the corner of the living room, inside his CARS sofa and between the bookcase and the kitty condo. Can you find him??? Oh wait, I found Waldo!!!
Ah, there's Brayden!
Brayden fights us at naps and bedtime, but he loves to pretend to take naps all day long! He loves to make his own bed and curl up under his blankets.
One day, while the kids were watching their post-nap tv show, I found them laying on the floor together, all cozy and wrapped up in their blankets. Of course, as soon as Brayden saw me get the camera, he quickly hid under the blanket.