Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brayden's 1st Field Trip!

Brayden's preschool class headed to Teacher Andy's house to pick pumpkins, ride ponies, and snack on yummy pumpkin bars! I'd like to say that it was tons of fun, but Brayden kept complaining the whole time that he was cold and wanted to go home! I guess he takes after us...we all would have rather have been sitting in front of a nice warm fire. :)

The kids never cooperate when we want to take a family photo. This was the best out of 3 pictures...
There was a ton of stuff for the kids to play with. Sienna's favorite table was the corn table. In fact, she didn't want to leave to pick out a pumpkin, so we only came home with one pumpkin!

The kids hammered golf tees into pumpkins...what a great idea!
Sienna was so excited when Teacher Andy brought her pony, Rudy, out. On the other hand, Brayden wasn't interested in Rudy, at all. Sienna blends right in with Brayden's preschool class...she's the same size as most of them (she's wearing the pink hat)!
Sienna waited very patiently for her turn to ride the pony.
Even though Brayden didn't want to ride the pony, he finally decided to give it a try. I'd like to say that he had fun, but he never cracked a smile! I was totally suprised by his attitude because the 2 years that he rode the ponies at Fir Point Farms, he loved it! You can check him out here: 2008, 2007. Brayden with Teacher Andy:

Sienna must have waited for about an hour for her turn on the pony. But, her turn finally arrived and she was all smiles! I was actually surprised she was so excited because her pony ride last year didn't go all that well!
Sienna and Teacher Anne:
After the pony rides, the kids took a break to have a snack in the barn.
Teacher Andy's 3 Year Old Class: Brayden, Logan, Gavin, Emily, Teacher Andy, Ava, Koen, Hunter & Ben. Front row: Sam, Brianna & Tyson