Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brayden's 4th Birthday!

We were finally able to celebrate Brayden's 4th birthday on Sunday. His party was originally scheduled for the previous Saturday, but we had to postpone it due to fevers, colds, soccer games & 2 cases of the swine flu! YIKES!The last 2 years we had Brayden's party at Pump It Up, but this year we decided to save money and have it at home. I was a little worried about how we'd keep so many kids entertained, so I bought a pinata and a Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. As it turns out, most kids don't want to put the tail in the wrong spot...Brayden was the only one that didn't try to take the blindfold off before "pinning the tail on the donkey"!

Here is a random collage of the kids brave enough to wear the blindfold. Even Chris and his brother, Rich, gave it a try. Although, they cheated just as much as the kids...they used their hands to feel where the kids had put their tails.
After the game, it was time to eat cake! This was by far the hardest cake that I have ever made... I plan on taking a fondant class before attempting Sienna's cake in June!!!
We finally got a family picture where everyone was looking at the camera...AMAZING!!!
Happy 4th Birthday, Brayden!

After cake, it was time for the pinata! I bought a pinata stick, but as you can see, it wasn't very strong. I think the pinata might have been demolished sooner if the stick would have been stronger!
All of the little boys had the funniest faces when hitting the pinata:
After the little kids had 3 or 4 turns, we had to bring in the BIG boys! It even took Brian and Jack several tries to break open the pinata...we definitely got our money's worth!

It got a little crazy once all of the candy hit the ground!
Time for presents! This year I actually had a hard time keeping up with Brayden! In previous years, he'd get distracted and want to play with each toy he opened. I guess he's growing up!

Before bed, we let the kids have a little treat. Since we hadn't cut into "Mike", we let the kids choose what part of him they wanted to eat. Brayden, of course, wanted to eat his big eye!
Mike was actually a big rice crispy treat, covered in marshmallow fondant...YUM!!!! The kids liked the marshmallow fondant better than the cake & buttercream frosting.
Only six more months until I need to start planning Sienna's 3rd birthday!