Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sienna's Big Girl Bed

After several nights of being woken up by Sienna yelling, "Tuck Me In!", we decided it was time to see how she'd do in a big girl bed. It was just fifteen months ago that we transitioned Brayden from a crib to a big boy bed. How can it already be time to transition our baby to a big girl bed?!?!?! I think that Chris and I were both dreading this a bit...Sienna has always been a bit rebellious, so we weren't sure if she would stay in her bed. Not to mention that she hates change...especially when the change has to do with her and sleep.

I wasn't exactly sure what Sienna was going to say when we asked her if she wanted to start sleeping in a big girl bed. Sienna always refers to herself as our "small baby"...she never wants to be a big girl! But, to our surprise, she was really excited to sleep in a "big girl bed". Maybe it helped that I had gone shopping that morning and bought her new bedding, which she immediately wanted to open and sleep in. She was not very happy that she had to wait for me to wash it! Oh, and did I mention that we had to take down Brayden's old crib (she had been sleeping in it since January since his mattress goes lower than hers), as well as put her crib together. What a task! But, with Brayden's help (he actually helped take the screws out of his old crib and put the screws in Sienna's new bed), we got it done fairly quickly.

Can't you just see Sienna's excitement??? Since the bed has been in the garage for the last 10 months, the kids cleaned it with baby wipes.

The bed was finally ready...Sienna was extremely excited to climb in!
Brayden was so excited that we let him climb in, too!
So far, Sienna has slept great in her new bed! She woke up at 7:00am the first morning (30-45 minutes earlier than usual) and the second morning she slept until her usual time (7:45am). She's also taken 2 great naps! Here she is taking her 2nd nap...she looked so cute and cozy that I hated to wake her up!