Friday, October 16, 2009

Random September Pictures

Grandma Boley's Birthday
Sienna, Grandma Boley & Brayden!The Kitty Condo
It doesn't matter how many times the kids are put on time-out, they won't stop playing on the kitty condo! They climb all over it and then jump off onto the floor (which I might add is very close to the fireplace) or onto the couch. I'm just sure the kitty condo will be the reason for our next trip to the ER!

The kids love to take pretend naps...if only they liked to take real naps!
Wine Tasting
A few weeks ago we headed to the Gorge for a little wine tasting. We made it to Phelps Creek, Viento, The Pines and Naked Winery. Oh, we also stopped for lunch at Double Mountain Brewery. YUM!!!
Viento was our favorite winery of the day! They have only been open for 6 was quite the find and we can't wait to go back!
Safety Roundup
Back in September, Brayden's preschool hosted a "Safety Roundup". One of the fun things the kids got to do was turn the water on and off on a real fire hose!
Even Sienna got a turn with the hose!
Both of the kids also got to sit in a real police car! We tried to get them to sit in the backseat, but they said it was too hot (the backseat is hard-as-rock black plastic!). It was 95 degrees and they were looking right into the sun...don't they look like they are having fun?!?!?