Monday, November 22, 2010

Clackamas County Fair - August 2010

Every year, Canby Community Preschool has a float in the Kiddie Kaper Parade that kicks off the Clackamas County Fair.  Last year we had just joined the school, so we didn't participate.  Since I am on the school's executive board this year, I decided to take the kids...despite the fact that I had VERTIGO!  I had just been to the doctor the day before and was on drugs, but we made it there safe and sound.  WHEW!

If you participate in the parade, you get into the fair for free that day (before 1pm).  Since it was a Tuesday and Chris was working from home, he took off from work early and we walked to the fair!  To my surprise, the kids had a BLAST!  I wasn't sure how many rides there would be that they could ride on by themselves, and the last time we went to Oaks Park, Sienna wasn't really enjoying most of the rides.  Luckily, we got quite the deal on the tickets for the rides.  Before 3pm, you could buy a "pass" that allowed you to ride on 7 rides for $15!  If I remember correctly, that was about 50% off the normal cost of 7 rides.  So, we bought the kids each a pass and let them go on as many rides as they could.  Because they went on a few rides that took less tickets than others, we actually got a few extra rides out of our "pass".

Sienna is scared of roller coasters, so brave little Brayden went all by himself!  If you enlarge the pictures (click on them), you'll see just how much fun he was having!
Brayden had so much fun that he wanted to go again!  Sienna decided she wanted to try it, but, as you can see by the look on her face, she wasn't having nearly as much fun as Brayden! ha!

Brayden even tried comforting her during the ride...he's the best big brother!!!  I didn't get a picture of it, but during the last few seconds of the ride, Sienna actually started to enjoy herself and even had a smile on her face!  Of course, when we asked her if she wanted to go again, she quickly said "no"!
One of the rides/games the kids did was a hammer game.  No matter whether you hit the hammer hard enough to ring the bell, you got to pick a prize.  The kids came home and were hitting everything in site! Unfortunately, Sienna's doesn't hold air for long, but Brayden's is still going strong (3 months later)!

I had such a fun day at the fair.  I'm not really a big "fair" person, but watching my babies go on all of those rides by themselves was so much fun!  Next year will be the last year that we can get into the fair for free (it will be the last year we'll be at the preschool), so I hope that we'll be able to enjoy another fun day at the fair for less than $30!