Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random August Fun!

I'm back!!! Well, I wasn't really "gone", but I have certainly been busy! I thought I should try to catch up on the blog. Today I'm posting some random August pictures!

Brayden trying to "blast" me with his Nerf Shooter! I just love the look on his face. Boy, it is so crazy to see how much he's changed just since August!!!
Sienna and Daddy love to make snickerdoodle cookies together! Can you tell which cookies Sienna made?!?!?

In August, we met some school friends at the Oregon City Water Park. Across the baseball field was also a very cool playground. The kids were in heaven!
Sienna didn't like it when Brayden tried to get her with his water shooter!
Brayden actually ran into the water to pick up the cups they were playing with...I was impressed! Before they started swim lessons, he never would have even thought about rescuing the cups!
I turned 34 in did that happen??? Right before Chris and I headed to downtown Bend for the night, I got a cute birthday picture with my kiddos!
My birthday dinner at Bourbon Street (Bend, OR). We had never been there before, but we were pleasantly surprised. :)
Next Up: Loon Lake (Spokane, WA) & Clackamas County Fair pictures!!!


"Sunshine" said...

Happy belated birthday, Shelley. Love the pictures of you and the kiddos. They sure are growing.

Catrina said...

Hey girl! Been thinking of you a lot lately. Hope your birthday was spectacular, and I LOVE the recent family pictures. Just can't get over how long Sienna's hair is. I can pretty much bet Avery's hair looks the same as it did when you saw her last. Haha!