Saturday, November 20, 2010

Random September Fun!

The kids love "help" Daddy mow the lawn.  We might need to invest in a 2nd bubble mower next year so they both can "help" at the same time!

Thanks to 40% off coupons from Joann's Fabric and Michael's Craft Stores, we have been having lots of fun doing science experiments!  This experiment was all about colors and growing crystals.
After we completed all of the experiments, the kids had fun making their own experiments with the eye droppers. 
The kids were entertained for HOURS and HOURS!  It was well worth the $9 it cost for the kit.  And, we still have all of the eye droppers, bowls and test tubes.  After we ran out of the color tablets, we switched to regular food coloring, which was almost as much fun!
The kids are also good helpers in the kitchen...they took turns stirring the marshmallows (we were making rice crispies) and spinning the lettuce in the salad spinner!
Sienna was just barely tall enough...