Saturday, November 13, 2010

Loon Lake - Spokane, WA

Back in August (yes, that's right..we are still doing August pictures!!), we headed to Loon Lake with Chris' family. His grandma owns a cabin on the lake and the last time Chris and I were there, Brayden was only 9 months old!

The view from the back patio! AMAZING!!! Here is the view of the cabin from the dock. Brayden loved sitting on the big yellow "lifeguard" bench!

Brayden and Sienna playing in the lake and sand with their cousin, Jack.
Chris, Brayden, Sienna and Cousin Brian decided to check out the row-boat! Although, Brian got bored quickly and ended up jumping out of the boat and swimming back to shore, leaving Chris to do all of the rowing!
Sienna wasn't too excited about the lack of warm lake water! I couldn't agree more...the water was FREEZING!
Brayden adores his cousin, Jack...he follows him everywhere, even if that means into the freezing cold lake!
We brought the kids' bikes, but their training wheels didn't do so well on the gravel road. So, they were stuck riding in circles in the driveway...
We hope to be able to go again next year...maybe the summer weather will be better and the lake water will actually be on the warmer side!


Harry Douthwaite said...

Looks like a wonderful place! Pure beauty... and lots of things to do too!

Hehe, I guess Brayden and Sienna had fun spinning their back wheels in the gravel too. I don't suppose you got any pictures of them trying to ride their bikes on the road?