Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Sleigh Ride In Sunriver!

While we were in Bend for Christmas, my parents took us all on a sleigh ride in Sunriver!
Chris and Sienna!
Sienna & Me!
We were all so excited to be in Central Oregon...we love SNOW!!!  Brayden and Uncle Scott decided to have snowball wars...who do you think won?
Hmmmm...not much of a fair fight!
Direct hit!  Way to go, Uncle Scott!
This picture cracks me up...if you click on it a couple of times and enlarge it, you can see the drool coming out of Brayden's mouth!  LOL!
Sienna's turn to play!

After the snowball fights, we headed inside to get warm before our sleigh ride!
Brayden got a little crazy while we were waiting for our turn!

Our Sleigh!  I sure hope all 5 adults and 2 kids are gonna fit!

It was a VERY tight fit, but we all manaed to fit!
We were packed in like Sardines!
There were 3 sleighs that went out at the same time...we were in the last one.
What a beautiful view from the sleigh!