Monday, January 24, 2011

Our "Broken" House...

Saturday morning we woke up to a lake in our kitchen!!!  Sometime in the middle of the night, our Instant Hot Water Filter cracked and started spraying water, creating a lake in the kitchen AND in our crawl space.  Of course, we had no idea how bad the situation really was until we had the mess cleaned up and noticed the hardwood floors weren't looking so great.  We called Chris' buddy, who just so happens to be our insurance agent, and he got us in touch with ServPro, who was nice enough to come out on a Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately, the guy wasn't full of good news.  He discovered the lake in our crawl space and used his fancy water detector to figure out how far the water had spread...all the way under our cabinets and into the dining room.  He set up a fan in the crawl space and an industrial fan/humidifier in the kitchen before he left.

Today they came back to vacuum the water out of the crawl space as well as set up a few industrial heaters/humidifiers.  He also tested the humidity in the floors again and it had gone down quite a bit.  If things keep improving, they won't have to take out all of our cabinets!!!  We'll know more tomorrow or Wednesday if the cabinets stay or go!  The one bright side of the whole ordeal is that we'll get all of our hardwood floors refinished 90 days after the floors are dry!  All for the economical price of our $1k deductible!

Here are a few pictures of our quarantined kitchen and dining room!

 For some reason, the kids felt the new location for the dining room table was an invitation to crawl all over it!