Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Children's Museum!

We made 2 trips to the Portland Children's Museum in December.  First we went for free (thanks for the passes, Jackie!!!) with our friends Jackie, Logan, Lisa & Koen.  A week or two later, I checked the museum pass out of the library and took Brayden & Sienna.  What fun...for FREE!!!  Unfortunately, I forgot my nice camera both times, so I had to use my cheap camera I leave in my purse for just these sort of occasions...

Brayden with his buddies, Logan & Koen...after a bit of face painting!
 The boys playing with lights inside the tree trunk...not really sure what that was all about.  ;)
 The museum had very cool huge "Lincoln Logs" that the boys had fun building with. 
 Ahoy Matey!  Brayden & Koen playing in the pirate ship...not sure where Logan had run off to!
Brayden & Koen driving the ambulance...they are on their way to rescue people!  Logan was actually climbing on the hood of the ambulance...I couldn't believe that Brayden could see around him to drive the ambulance! ;)
 Brayden & Sienna at the museum! 
The kids spent most of the time playing on the stage!  At one point, they brought out hula hoops and jump ropes, but my slow little camera couldn't keep up with them!