Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Random November Pictures!

Whoever heard of shorts and tank tops in NOVEMBER in OREGON?!?!?!?!  Sienna, Olivia & Ava enjoying the November "SUMMER" weather!
Family Movie Night!  I love to see my family all cuddled up together, even if they are watching tv. ;)
Brayden and his gazillion light sabers...you better not mess with him!
Sienna was using Brayden's Pirate Ship Cannon Lancher as a camera.  With her hat and purse, I couldn't help but think she looked super duper cute!  Please forgive the missing shorts/pants!

We went to the Canby "Light the Night" for the first time this year!  To my surprise, BOTH kids actually talked to Santa and then posed for a picture with him.  CRAZY!
Ok, so the picture isn't fabulous, but it is better than nothing!  I still can't believe that they weren't scared of him!!!