Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sienna's Love for Standing & Crackers

Yesterday was a big day for Sienna...she started pulling herself up onto her feet! I still remember when Brayden started pulling himself up (he was almost 8 months)...I hovered over him so I could catch him every time he fell. Unfortunately for Sienna, I am way more relaxed the 2nd time around and I am never there waiting to catch her when she falls. The poor girl is just going to have to get used to falling down!

Sienna getting into the toy box.

Sienna playing with her favorite chair.

Sienna saw one of Brayden's books on the table that she really wanted so she crawled onto the bean bag and then stood up! Unfortunately for Brayden she got to the book and ripped it! It's a good thing mommy's an expert with the tape!

Sienna using the garbage truck to stand up.

Sienna is rarely graceful getting back down onto the floor!

Sienna had her first cracker for breakfast this morning and she loved it!!! In fact, when it was all gone she got a bit fussy.