Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sienna wants to be just like her big brother! No matter what he is playing with, she wants to be right there playing, too. Luckily Brayden is usually pretty tolerant of her...however, I'm sure that will be changing soon!

She loves playing with his Thomas the Train trains...

She loves playing in his Thomas the Train tent...

However, Brayden draws the line at letting her play with his Matchbox garage. The other day I found him sitting on top of the ottoman so that Sienna couldn't "play" with him!

Sienna's New View
Now that Sienna is able to pull herself up to her knees pretty consistently, she has a whole new view on life...she can play with the baskets of toys that are strategically placed around the living room!

She found the basket of trains...

She found the rocking chair, which has quickly become her favorite place to play.

She also likes to play with Brayden's tree maze and his garbage truck.