Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Post Thursday!

Ready for Summer!
In every store that I went to, there were teeny tiny swimming suits saying "buy me, buy me"! I'm sure that no one will be surprised to hear that I just had to buy one...there is nothing cuter than a baby girl swimming suit! However, it was quite the dilemma trying to decide which size to buy. How am I supposed to know how much she'll grow between now and summer??? After debating with myself for what seemed like forever (I'm sure the the kids thought it seemed like forever, too!), I finally decided to go with the 18-24 month suit (it was returnable if I kept the tags on). This morning I finally decided to see just how big it was. Well, it is a good thing I didn't go any smaller because the swimming suit actually fits her pretty good now! At least the suit is stretchy...I'm praying that it will fit her all summer long. I couldn't resist taking her picture in the suit...she just looked too cute!

Playing at the table!
Sienna can stand for a short period of time and play at Brayden's old table. She is also starting to pull herself up onto her knees and occasionally to her feet...and then of course she falls over since she doesn't have any concept of balance yet. Needless to say, she has bonked her head quite a few times lately. In fact, she has hit her head so many times that it doesn't even phase her anymore.

Sienna's Push-ups
Sienna's started a workout regimen which includes lots of crazy push-ups!

Brayden's Art Easel
Brayden's favorite things to do at home are draw, play with play-doh, & do puzzles. He can even do a 24 piece CARS jigsaw puzzle all by himself!


Catrina and Eric said...

My goodness! Can you please tell Sienna to share her workout regimen with Avery? I CANNOT believe Sienna is able to pull herself up...I am constantly amazed!