Thursday, January 31, 2008

VIDEO: Sienna's Cruising!

Shortly after Sienna started pulling herself up, she started cruising very slowly around the furniture. The girl definitely keeps me busy now that she can move around the entire house. Not only does she get into absolutely everything, but she follows Brayden around and wants to do everything he is doing. Brayden is constantly telling Sienna "NO!" when she comes to play with him. The one thing he does like to do with Sienna is to play in his Thomas the Train tent. Just last night he asked Sienna to go into the tent with was so cute!

Tooth Update
During the last 2 weeks, Sienna has had SIX teeth pop through! Luckily, Sienna is being such a trooper about the whole thing. With a little help from our good friend, Tylenol, she is still sleeping pretty good and is not very fussy. Unfortunately her eating isn't going quite as well. She won't drink much out of a bottle so her meals consist mostly of oatmeal, fruits, & vegetables. She looks so different with all those teeth!

Here's a 13 second clip of Sienna cruising the coffee table...enjoy!


Catrina and Eric said...

Pure craziness!

Jeri said...

Sienna is so cute. I am still betting that she is walking by 9 months and then Brayden really better watch out!!