Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Our 2nd Trip to the Zoo!

This morning we met 2 friends from my MOMS group at the zoo. This time I decided to put Sienna in the Ergo backpack and she actually stayed in there for 3 hours! She started to get a little upset during our trek back to the car, but other than that, she did great! I, however, was a bit tired from trying to keep track of Brayden while lugging around an extra 22 pounds! Once again I didn't take many pictures, but I thought I'd share the few that I did mange to take. I've also included a new close up picture of Brayden's nose (see previous blog post for story). It is a bit more black and blue today and it still looks a bit crooked, but hopefully when the swelling goes down it will look better.

Brayden's Nose - 25 hours after the accident
The Zoo
Zachary and Brayden riding "horses" at the petting farm.
Zachary and Brayden posing for a picture in the bird's nest.
Zachary driving the tractor while Brayden holds on for dear life! :)