Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Lodge At Torrey Pines

WARNING: These have to be some of the most boring pictures ever to be posted on our blog!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Boley stayed with the kids for 2 nights so Chris and I could head down to San Diego for a mini-vacation. Since our honeymoon 6 1/2 years ago, I think I've been the one to plan, organize & schedule every vacation. Well, except for the time we headed to Las Vegas back in 2003. This time, Chris did all of the work...I was just along for the ride. It felt great! Late Friday morning we boarded a plane headed for San Diego. And that was the beginning of the most expensive 3 day vacation that we've ever taken! It felt great to know that when we got off the plane in San Diego we'd be greeted with sun and temperatures in the low 80's! Does it get better than that?

Once we were above all of the clouds hovering over Oregon, I was able to snap a few shots from my window. I have no idea what mountain that is in the background...we didn't have one of those nice pilots that told us what we were seeing out of our windows.

Our first stop (after waiting in line for what seemed like hours to get our rental car), was to visit my brother, Scott. He just moved to San Diego in September and we wanted to check out his new apartment. Lucky for him he lives right across the street from a bunch of stores and restaurants (Costco, Best Buy, Subway, etc). We ate lunch a little restaurant called Oggi's. Given the beautiful weather, we opted to eat lunch NOVEMBER!!! We were absolutely loving it and decided right then and there that we could definitely live in San Diego! Of course, there is the small matter of the cost of living. ;) Since I forgot my camera back at Scott's apartment, I was forced to use my cell phone to take some pictures. Doesn't Chris look excited to have his picture taken?
Next stop: The Lodge At Torrey Pines in La Jolla. After Chris told me where we were going, I asked him how he had heard about this golfers paradise. Apparently he saw a commercial for it on tv...this is where they held the US Open earlier in the year. Ok, so we don't golf, but the place looked absolutely AMAZING on their website!!!
Here is the room that cost us a small fortune...
It was a very nice room, but we didn't think that it was really worth how much they were charging. Although, it was one of the cleanest rooms that I've ever stayed in, and to me, having a clean room is absolutely priceless!

We had an amazing deck...
With an amazing view of the golf course and pacific ocean! This is where we spent most of our time at the lodge...soaking up the wonderful California sun! It was so nice and relaxing to be able to sit outside and read. Well, it would have been more enjoyable if our next door neighbors weren't constantly smoking on their patio! ARGH!

Chris had planned every single detail of our trip...right down to a couples massage on Saturday afternoon. It was so nice to spend quality time with my husband...without kids screaming every 5 seconds. Even though we had a nice, relaxing 3 day weekend, we'll never go back to the Lodge At Torrey Pines. We had several problems with items in our room that never got fixed, they tried to charge us for items in the mini-bar that we did not eat/drink, and they messed up my breakfast the last morning we were there. Ordinarily the messed up breakfast would have been no big deal...everyone makes mistakes. But, when I brought it to the server's attention, instead of offering to get me a new omelet, she only said "Well, I'm not sure what he could do to fix it". Ummmm...excuse me? I'm spending a bazillion dollars on an omelet and you won't even offer to have them make me a new which includes all of the ingredients promised in the menu? Honestly, when you are staying at an expensive resort, you would think they'd do a bit better trying to make the guest happy!

Here is another shot from my window as we traveled back to the rainy Northwest!


cjanet said...

You are so funny!! You go get them!!! :P

Catrina said...

Oh, my! I can't believe they didn't cook you a new omelet. Eggs must cost a fortune down there!

Joce said...

How wonderful to get away!!! We sooo need to get away just the 2 of us. .. especially before baby#3 arrives. Although the experience wasn't perfect I'm sure your time alone was. =)

The Elliotts said...

Wow Shel, what fun! I am just catching up on blogs and your time looks wonderful! One on one time is sooo important. Great job for just going and doing it!! :-)

LaneNo9 said...

Greetings! I just found your blog because I myself was thinking of spending this weekend at the Lodge with my husband and doing a little research... After reading your little note... well, hmmph! I just don't think so, anymore... Especially after the poor customer service you received in the restaurant. That's inexcusable -- especially considering how expensive it must've been! Anyway, thank you for the candid review... even though you were probably just blogging for your friends and family. :)