Friday, November 14, 2008

Purses, Ponytails & Painting!

For some reason I haven't been taking many pictures lately...and the ones I have been taking don't really seem all that exciting. Somehow Brayden managed to stay clear of the camera this week, so here is our sweet little Sienna...

Playing with Mommy's Old Purse
The other morning Sienna found my old purse and started carrying it around. It has to have been one of the first "girly" things she's ever done. I thought it was so cute watching her walk all over the house carrying the purse...unfortunately she was on the go so much that I didn't get any great shots.

Sienna's Ponytail
Sienna's hair is finally long enough to put into a ponytail! Well, for the most part. Now I just have to find a way to get her to hold still so I can use a comb to make it look pretty! Although, she's so active that I doubt it would be worth the'd probably come out in less than 5 minutes.

The Art Class
Brayden and his friend, Wyatt, have been doing Gymboree activities together since they were 15 months old. Once Catrina and I started talking, and we found out that we were due with our 2nd babies within 9 days of each other, we quickly became friends. I'm just not sure I'd have survived this long without her. But, the time has come to say least goodbye at Gymboree! We'll still see each other plenty...thank goodness! As it turns out, all 4 kids love music class, but Brayden and Wyatt get a little too wild and the time has come to separate them. Since Brayden loves any and all art projects, I decided to check out the art class that Gymboree offers.
Sienna is still pretty young for the art class, but, it was STILL more fun and relaxing then having to put Brayden in the corner every 5 minutes at music class. The kids got to do 2 painting projects before sitting down for story & snack time. After story time, we did our last art project for the day...we made shakers! The kids got to put stickers on a plastic cup before they filled it with little random noisy bells, animals, confetti, etc. I couldn't believe how many projects we were able to do during a 45 minute class! Now I just need to figure out where I'm going to hang all of these paintings! Next week I should be able to take a few pictures because Chris is coming with us to check out out the class!
Sienna's artwork is on the LEFT and Brayden's artwork is on the RIGHT.


Catrina said...

The ponytail is so adorable, and the artwork looks SO FUN! I wish my kids loved that stuff as much as I do!