Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sit 'N Spins, Snacks & Trains!

The Sit 'N Spin
I've mentioned numerous times that Sienna wants to do whatever Brayden is doing. The other day Brayden started using his sit 'n spin as a bar stool again (he hadn't done this for at least 6 months). It was almost exactly 1 year ago that he started using it as a bar stool...check it out here! As soon as Brayden got bored of sitting on it, Sienna hopped right on. She thought she was too cool sitting on his "stool"! She took time out from reading her book to give me lots of silly poses and smiles...

Hangin' Out
Brayden and Sienna have been hanging out together more and more. I hope they grow up to be good that hoping for too much? Don't answer that! ;) The other day they sat down to eat their afternoon snack together...Yesterday I was taking out the garbage when I realized how quiet the house was. It took me a few seconds of near panic before I found them...sitting so nicely together on the couch! I know, I know...this isn't the first time that I've shared a picture of them sitting together. But, this IS the first time that they took me by surprise! Usually I'm begging Sienna to play with Brayden after her nap because that is when she's most clingy. However, yesterday she actually took a great nap (a miracle!!!) and she wasn't clingy at all!
Since Brayden got the "Gold Mine" train set for his birthday, we've all had fun making even more creative (& bigger) train tracks! Brayden likes to push a train around the track while he's being chased by his motorized train, Salty (you can see him just to the left of Brayden, pulling 2 trains up a hill). Hopefully Santa Claus will bring him a couple of more motorized trains for Christmas!