Monday, November 24, 2008

MORE Fun with Airplanes, Shopping Carts & Stickers!

Airplane Rides...AGAIN!
We finally got our camera back from being cleaned so I thought I'd share some of the newest airplane pictures. No matter how many times they go flying together, it never gets old...they have the best time and are full of giggles and grins.

The other night they both managed to get on the plane backwards...but that didn't stop Brayden! He was a bit slower facing backwards, which was probably good...he usually zooms around so fast that we have to tell him to slow down.
The Shopping Cart
Last week Brayden and Sienna really got into carrying Sienna's 2 dolls around. Brayden decided to take his doll "to run errands", so he loaded her up in the shopping cart and took a very frightening speed!
Of course then Sienna had to have a turn so she added her doll to the cart and took a much slower speed.
Brayden has always loved stickers but now that Sienna is almost 18 months old, she is able to have some fun with them, too...unsupervised!
Brayden is such a good big brother (most of the time). He gets the stickers out for Sienna...
And then points to where she should put it!
Sometimes Sienna even helps Brayden with the stickers (when did she grow up???). These sticker books from Costco have been entertaining the kids for days...well worth the $7.79. I think we might have to go back for more!


Catrina said...

Oh, that poor doll. I think she may have been dead by the time Sienna got to take her for a stroll. Ha!