Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Cookies!

While we were cooped up in the house, we made our first batch of cut-out cookies! Brayden was super excited to help me make the cookie dough...he even knows how to run the big mixer!
Of course, the kids were even more excited to play with the cookie dough!

They helped roll out the dough.
They used the cookie cutters.

Brayden even helped Chris put the cookies on the cookie sheet.
Sienna had fun making cookies, too!

Brayden's 1st cut-out cookies!
Sienna's 1st cut-out cookies!
The next day we decorated the cookies.

Sienna even tried to decorate herself!
Of course, the kids couldn't decorate cookies without eating one!


Catrina said... guys are WAY too crafty.