Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Random Family Fun!

Officer Brayden
Grandma Boley gave the kids some fun costumes (policeman, fireman & princess) back in June and just a few days ago Brayden asked if he could be the police officer. I have no idea how he even remembered that we had the costumes! He spent all day handcuffing himself to all of well as to other objects small enough to fit into the cuffs!

Pom Poms!
We brought home 2 pom poms from the Civil War party that we went to...not only did the kids have fun playing with them, but the cats played with them too. Well, eat would be a more appropriate description. You don't even want to know that the little strings they ate ended up all over the house in 4 little furball piles. ICK! Anyone want 2 indoor, very affectionate and clingy cats? ;)

The Tape Measure
The other day we had our mini-tape measure out to measure something and Sienna decided she wanted to measure all of her cute!

Dry Erase Markers
Brayden has always loved drawing in his wipe-clean books. Now that Sienna has to do absolutely everything that Brayden does, she cried and cried until we finally gave in the other night. Luckily these dry erase markers are washable. What I didn't realize is that they wash off of everything except clothes! Sienna had so much fun drawing that she's been crying to draw ever since.

Thanksgiving Fun!
A couple of weeks ago the kids painted their very first turkeys at Gymboree Art class. As you can probably guess, Sienna's is on the left and Brayden's is on the right.
Grandma & Grandpa Boley came over for brunch Thanksgiving morning. After we ate, Sienna wanted to read book after book after book with Grandpa Boley! Grandpa would ask her where something was in the picture and she would point to it.
Of course, Brayden had to join in the fun, too!
Later in the day, we drove to Eugene and met my parents, grandma and aunt & uncle at the Red Lion for Thanksgiving dinner. It was our first Thanksgiving in a restaurant and I wasn't expecting very good food. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the food was pretty good...well, most of it, anyways!!! Of course, it still wasn't like a home cooked turkey dinner, so Chris' parents invited us over for left overs the next night. YUM!
After dinner, Sienna had fun walking around the buffet with Grandma Macnab...everyone working the buffet thought she was so cute!
Grandma planned ahead and brought fun little toys to entertain the kids. Brayden has always been easy to entertain and keep quiet in a restaurant, but the few times we've taken Sienna, she hasn't wanted to sit still for more than 5 seconds. She must be growing up because they both did extremely well and only got out of their chairs right before we were ready to head home.
Sienna loves her new magic wand!
Grandma gave both of them wands and they really enjoyed playing with well as the window blinds at the restaurant!


Catrina said...

Okay, Sienna's turkey looks better than anything Wyatt could do!! I'm always so impressed by how much your kids love to draw and paint. When I give Wyatt crayons these days, his only interest is tearing the paper off of them. Drives me bonkers!